What's Up? (March 2022)

Posted on Mar 15, 2022

So, I’m a bit uninspired with this blog, but I’ve seen that many people have this habit of posting like monthly statuses of what they’re up to, how things are going, etc., and I thought “Hey, that might be a nice addition to my site!” I guess I take this blog a bit way too seriously and restrict myself to proper articles when the reality is that… erh… there’s so many other things you can do on a blog!1 So I guess I wanna open myself to the possibilities and try this out.

Let’s start, shall we?


On the coding department I’m currently a bit inactive. My projects seem to have reached a point of maturity that is quite calming. Ok, yeah, there has been some discussion about a new feature for cras but, honestly, I haven’t put any thoughts on it… and that’s why you won’t find a ticket on cras’s tracker about it.

Speaking of maturity, I have been wondering whether scalc should be released as 1.0. To me, 1.0 means a serious commitment about the API, so nowadays I don’t take this lightly at all. The fact, however, is that I haven’t found any issues with scalc’s current state and if there are some vague ideas I have for it, they’re all about internal stuff that wouldn’t change any behavior facing the rest of the OS… So… Should I? Should I not?

Now, I’ve been playing around a silly thing these last couple of days. You won’t find it anywhere on my repos, because it’s not even a git repo on my computer (yet). Remember Microsoft Cardfile on Windows 3.x? I wanna write something like that, actually for storing programming, blog post, and other ideas for my own. Sorts of a notes program for the terminal… The thing is that I do wanna go out of my comfort zone with this one, namely the “pure” CLI-only, standard I/O-based programs I’m used to write… so I’m seriously thinking of also providing some nice and cute ncurses-based UI for it. I know, I could go the “Let’s write a(nother) termios-based library, now for whole UIs,” like I did with sline, but, to be honest… this time I wanna concentrate more on the usability side of things, so I’m happy to delegate the task on ncurses, one of the most reliable pieces of FOSS.

By the way, I’ve had my share of experience with ncurses in the past, both in C and in Python… but definitely way more in the latter. So it’ll be fun to revisit this piece of technology under its original API in C!


Life’s been a ride. I’ve been working a lot to tackle some very, very important things in my heart… and have made some decisions that, let’s say, will need some serious commitment.

I’m concerned about the economy and the general state of things. Inflation is eating away my salary and, to be honest, I struggle to see ways to improve things in my life. Some days fear is real, especially when you start to see your fridge increasingly empty… on an earlier date each month. Fortunately I’ve been hired to do some extra work for some extra money and I’m super grateful for it, because it’s been a super great help to cope with bills and life in general.

I am afraid, yeah. I put my trust in God, our loving Father. He’s been my only source of comfort throughout these times and I know He’s been there for me many, many, many times. And I’m placing my trust in Him also in many things that burden my heart, especially changes that seem to come my way… and girl, how much do I resist change! I’m especially concerned about my career choices and also how will my life look like in a couple of years. I’m anxious about it (I guess because I’ve been through very unstable times recently), anxiety makes me an uber-bitch (I can be very, very difficult to be around when I’m under stress), and in the end, I end up farther from the Lord. I know, I know… «do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.» (Philippians 4:6 ESV) This is one of the many things which I struggle with the most.

While writing this someone invited me to some plans and I’ve noticed how much anxiety this also brings to me. I’m an extrovert, but I don’t like others inviting me to their plans. I guess I need to learn how to relinquish control; I needed to put myself under a lot of discipline lately and now stepping out of my routine feels so, so, so strange…

Sighs… as I said, life’s been a ride. A lot of very intense emotions, which make me feel alive… I guess it’s just a phase. As soon as I find myself a better footing things will become stabler… also, I oughta learn not to be so rigid and even puritanical, I think… Ugh…

Final Greetings

So this is the first edition of What’s Up? Who knows whether there will be an April edition! I’ll try to, though. I’ll keep you posted on that Cardfile “clone,” if it ever amounts to anything.

I’m sending all of you my best wishes! 💘

  1. Now that I think of it, wasn’t precisely this the original idea behind web logs? When did blogs become sort of article-based websites? ↩︎