Keep the Fun Alive

Posted on Jun 25, 2021

I wanted to write about static libraries. I had found out that static linking is actually way more advanced that I initially though, only importing the symbols that are actually required, which is a great solution to reduce the size of binaries and avoid name collisions under some circumstances… and I wanted that post to segue into a discussion on why I’m leaning towards never implementing dynamic libraries in my projects, but only static ones… The topic is certainly interesting, but to me it felt like a chore…

Because it was a stupidly self-imposed chore.

I was experimenting around linking a couple of days, while I’m rewriting lots of scalc, some of which might become a static library if my evil plans are succesful. I had all the material, I was working on topics related to that… So, why was I feeling that way about writing a blog post on that same matter? I’ve done so before… Writing posts about things I’ve recently done isn’t foreign to me, right?

The culprit was something I read somewhere on a bad day (keep that in mind). I don’t remember where I read it, neither who wrote it, but it was something like this: That that person never followed nor endorsed blog posts where the author doesn’t show the results of something they had learned. I barely remember the website’s layout, though… but I think no search engine allows for querying by layout, does any?

If I had read that on a day I felt good or secure, I would’ve probably ignored that statement. It wasn’t the case, though; it got under my skin and made me limit my own blogging to “You must write about static libraries, because that’s what you’ve been working on.”

That other person on their blog… who knows why they claim that. They’re totally free to choose which kind of blogs to follow, state it publicly, and also… they probably don’t even know of my existence, right?

Yesterday, even though I had a great day, I felt really bad regarding about my own blog. You know this place is almost a sanctuary for me. I don’t have any stats whatsoever on how many people read this and I can’t care less, honestly. Guys, this is a place where I feel I can say whatever I want (within limits of reason), post it by running a git command, and not even worry about hosting, security, etc., because I’m hosting this on sourcehut pages… This is a place that I’ve always have felt like my little home on the Internet.

Today I realized that I had let that comment to poison my relationship with my own site… and again, I insist on this: The author of that comment or post was doing their own thing. It was me who took it personally.

And I took it personally because I know that I’m different to most bloggers in the FOSS world. I mean, isn’t it kinda obvious? I’m a woman, I’ve got a Linguistics background (not CompSci), I’m not a professional programmer and not a very standard programmer either… I mean, I know my blog “looks and feels” totally different. Hey, even my code looks and feels very, very distinct sometimes. When you’re like that, sometimes it’s easy to feel insecure. That’s all that really happened.

And I know, because I’ve gotten comments from you lovely readers, that there are people out there who love my touch!

My point today is super simple: Always keep the fun alive. If it’s fun for you and you’re not harming anyone else, go for it and always remember that diversity enriches us all. Try to keep your chin up and do you. Of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from mistakes or advice given to you by people with proven skills and experience… Keep it fun for you, though. Don’t let anyone’s… I was going to say negativity, but that’s not the right way to put it… Don’t let anyone else’s different point of view change a personal project of yours into anything you wouldn’t like. You don’t know where they’re coming from… and they probably don’t even know you.

You define the style of your code, your blog, how to manage your projects, whether you merge that patch or not they sent you… as long as it’s personal projects…1 You are the boss!

Always protect your passion! Sometimes things may hit you when your guard was low… No problem… It happens! Just take that as a signal to reconnect with the roots of your project… and keep it growing from there.

Love you all!

P.S.: This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing a post on static libraries anytime! ~that made me change my mind on this. Work should also be fun: it should be rewarding, because you’re probably devoting lots of your life time in it… so… you deserve it to be fulfilling and fun.

  1. Work related stuff or projects where you’re part of a team is another story. I’m not talking about that, of course! EDIT (2021-06-03): I received a very insightful comment that made me change my mind on this. Work should also be fun: it should be rewarding, because you’re probably devoting lots of your life time in it… so… you deserve it to be fulfilling and fun. ↩︎